Our company, TextProf International Inc., was founded in Milton, ON, Canada. The company mainly focuses on the development and sales of mobile communication software products.

The TextProf application distributed by our company consists of a Professional Text Message System and a Communication Aid.

Not many users know that currently, a maximum of 70 characters can be sent in one Text Message, if one wants to use accurate characters (proper, accentuated letters). This solution is based on the so-called Unicode standard, which enables users to send linguistically accurate messages. Information, messages transmitted with this solution are very short, thus their information content is relatively low. This is why many people use the so-called GSM 03.38 standard in Latin languages, which enables users to send 160 characters in one Text message. This solution, however, is not capable of displaying or sending the characters of several Latin languages, thus making it difficult and often impossible to properly communicate. The Text message part of the TextProf system is a lot more efficient than the Text message standards (Unicode standard and GSM 03.38 standard) currently available: with the help of the new TextProf technology it is now possible to send even three times longer messages in one Text message, in 31 languages, using accurate characters!

The language gap is still a significant problem in our society. The Communication Aid part of our system has been developed to provide solutions for this problem. Several months of hard work by our Development team in co-operation with acknowledged linguists resulted in a communication aid of excellent quality and efficiency, which currently assists the everyday lives of users in 7 languages. Of course, the linguistic and professional development of the product is continuous. TextProf will soon be available in even more languages.

We would like to hereby express our gratitude to the National Innovation Office of Hungary and to the linguists who co-operated with us for contributing to the development of such a high-standard product. We could not have created a product of such quality and efficiency without their assistance.