TextProf is the software distributed by TextProf International Inc., which consists of a Professional Text Message System and a Communication Aid. The software’s Text Message System and Communication Aid can be used both separately and as one system.

Our product has been created with the aim to improve communication through mobile devices and to be linguistically as accurate as possible and thus enhance user experience.

The TextProf system is based on our patented technology. The following unique functions distinguish TextProf from the mobile communication systems currently available:

Longer, linguistically more accurate, more efficient Text messages:

The Text message part of the TextProf system is a lot more efficient than the Text message standards currently available: with the help of the new TextProf technology it is now possible to send even three times longer messages in one Text message, in 31 languages, using accurate characters (proper, accentuated letters)!

Of course, our system can also write, send and receive traditional, 70-character and 160-character Text messages; moreover users have the freedom to decide whether they want to send:

  1.  linguistically accurate, TextProf messages with a lot higher information content,
  2.  traditional, linguistically incorrect, 160-character messages or
  3.  traditional, linguistically correct, but a lot shorter, 70-character messages.

Translation of excellent quality – Perfect, studio-quality pronunciation:

The Communication Aid part of the TextProf system is capable of accurately translating and pronouncing the most frequently used everyday sentences and phrases in studio quality and it is also able to send these sentences and phrases in the form of a Text message. The Communication Aid is currently available in the following 7 languages: American English, British English, French, German, Hungarian, Russian and Spanish. It is very useful, as you can set the immediate translation and pronunciation between any of these 7 languages, thus it can be your ideal support while travelling abroad or even when learning foreign languages.

No Internet connection required:

The TextProf system uses the existing mobile network. We have also thought of users who do not have Internet subscription or who also wish to use existing mobile device services besides their Internet subscription.

Communication aid for people who live with communication disorders:

We have created special topics in the program for people who live with communication disorders; the sentences and phrases of these topics can be read on the screen of the user’s mobile device, furthermore the sentences and phrases can also be pronounced with the help of the mobile device. Our TextProf system can facilitate their lives in their own country or while travelling abroad.